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7th Italian Festival Sacred Circle Dance
"In Duality, the game of opposites"
25th-28th april 2019 - Chianciano (SI) 

- Dance workshop with Italian teachers
SPECIAL! Lecture by Sara Cattò "The dance of polarities"
- Evening of dancing and live music with the group "Ensamble Sangineto"
Caterina Sangineto: bowed psaltery, bodhran and voice
Adriano Sangineto: Celtic harp and voice
- Final Celebration

Loneliness teaches us
the wonder of a company.

Detachment teaches us
the implacable Love.

Death teaches us
the magic that is Life.

The flower of Truth grows in the opposites
when it becomes fruit
every dual becomes One.

Giulio Achilli

Let's meet once again 
in the enchantment of the dances that constantly lead us to explore the opposite qualities within us, starting from our body 
naturally looking for a balance in movement.

The opposites in space, in time, in being, 
in our actions and in our relationship life, 
in a game that leads us towards unity.

We, the teachers of the Association, 
once again met with joy, 
around a theme that we explored, 
uniting our creativity and intuition, 
our research and knowledge, 
in order to offer a dance path that comes from a group work in spirit sharing and cooperation.

We report this year the special intervention of the psychologist Sara Cattò 
who has dedicated her life to the study of "polarities" by developing her own in-depth method in her book "Learning to fall in love" (Xenia, 2009), 
as well as creating numerous works of art always dedicated to this theme. 
Sara Cattò will tell us something about her research and her art in the "The dance of polarities" conference scheduled for the first evening of Thursday 25 April.
For information on Sara Cattò: www.imparareainnamorarsi.it.

We are also honored to host for the first time the Ensemble Sangineto band 
(Caterina and Adriano Sangineto) 
one of the best known groups of folk music in the Italian scene that will delight us with the timbre of the harp, the arched psaltery and the bodhran.
Will allow you to dance with live music!

As a place, this year, we chose the Fortuna Resort 
in Chianciano Terme, a famous spa-resort 
that brightens souls just because of its sweet and green hilly landscape. 
A Tuscan country that is worth seeing, where you can stay a few more days to visit the neighboring countries (for example: Montepulciano, Chiusi, Pienza, etc…) 
or to dive into the many local thermal waters.

We wait for you with open arms !!!

h. 3.00 / 5.00 pm - Registrations
h. 5.30 / 7.30 pm - Opening of the Festival
h. 9.30 pm  – Lecture by Sara Cattò "The dance of polarities"
h.   9.30 / 12.30 am - Dance Workshop 
h. 4.00 / 7.00 pm - Dance Workshop 
h. 9.30 pm- Evening with live music "Ensemble Sangineto"
h. 9.30 / 12.30 am - Dance Workshop
h 4.00 / 7.00 pm - Review of dances and preparation for the Celebration
h. 9.30 pm- Evening of dances
h. 9.30 / 10.30 am - Preparation for the Celebration
h. 11.30 / 12.30 am- Final Celebration
h. 12.30 am / 1.00 pm - Sharing and greetings

Festival  Participation Fee including food and accommodation:
Temporary Members (*)
triple / quadruple room - EUR 300
double room - EUR 320
single room - EUR 335
Ordinary Members
triple / quadruple room - EUR 285 
double room - EUR 305
single room - EUR 320

Festival Participation Fee (excluding food and accommodation):
Festival  Fee 140 EUR (Temporary Members) 
125 EUR (Ordinary Members)
Price for a meal 22 EUR (to be reserved by the registration deadline)

There are no reduced prices for partial participation.
(*) To participate in the Festival you need to have a membership card for 2019 of 10 EUR (to be paid at your arrival)

"FORTUNA RESORT" - Via della Valle, 76 - Chianciano (SI)
tel. +39 0578 62149 - www.fortunaresort.it

How to arrive by train:
Get off at the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme rail station
You can use a shuttle service provided by the hotel that will pick you up at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme station (twenty minutes from the hotel): arrange the time when you book (between 2.30pm and 4pm), the shuttle costs 30 EUR that can be shared between up to 8 people.
Otherwise you can take the normal taxi service always present at the station at a cost of about 25-30 EUR at any time.

Registration procedure
1) Send the participation form by e-mail and the temporary member registration form.

2) Pay the participation fee (not refundable in case of cancellation) by Bank tranfer to:
IBAN:    IT 69 O 07075 38381 000000081511

3) Send a copy of the payment receipt by e-mail

4) Pay the membership fee of 10 EUR directly at your arrival.

ATTENTION: for administrative reasons we ask you not to add the membership fee to the participation fee.

Registration by March 20th
Info Mariagrazia: +39 339 2881251

Participation form (Italian language)   

Temporary member registration form (Italian language) 

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